How Our Services Work

Full Sleep Consultation

sleep consultation

Complete clinical assessment and comprehensive sleep history. We take the time to understand your sleep problems, and how they affect your life

Convenient Sleep Testing

home sleep testing

We use the data to determine the severity of your problems, and how best to treat them.

Follow-up & Treatment

f30 mask for sleep apnea machine

In-office or telemedicine treatment for your ongoing sleep problems. We can conveniently treat any ongoing sleep issues.

Compliance Surveillance

sleep apnea diagnosis

Compliance with prescribed therapy is required by most insurance plans. We help you to meet those requirements, and follow you regularly for efficacy.

We specialize in Treating Sleep Disorders

Do you have difficulty relaxing in the evening, or sleeping through the night? Does it seem like no matter how hard you try you still can't go to sleep at night? Can't get your brain to shut down?

If so, you are not alone. Around 70 million Americans suffer from chronic, long-term sleep issues and disorders and about 22 million people in the US suffer from occasional sleeping issues and problems.  2019 data indicate that there are 59 million Americans with Obstructive Sleep Apnea alone (  There are more than 70 different sleep disorders, which are generally classified into one of three categories:

  • Lack of sleep (e.g., the insomnias),

  • Disturbed sleep (e.g., obstructive sleep apnea, parasomnias), and

  • Excessive sleep (e.g., hypersomnia, narcolepsy).

In most cases, sleep disorders can be easily managed once diagnosed. SleepWerx offers full consultation (clinical assessment, detailed sleep history), and convenient, sleep testing in the privacy and comfort of your own bed.  We complete in office or telemedicine follow-up, and treatment for your ongoing sleep problems.  We complete compliance surveillance that your insurance requires if you are using insurance.

Please check with your insurance:  if we are not contracted with your plan, we offer competitive cash prices with a superbill that you can submit to your insurance for ‘out of network’ provider coverage.

Cash Pay and Discounts

Cash Pay packages for those who do not use insurance, do not have insurance, or have high deductibles!


  • Veterans
  • First Responders/staff
  • Teachers
  • LEO/staff
  • Farmers/Ranchers

A Growing Need for Sleep Treatment

The reason why sleep disorders are so rampant in this country is that there are so many different kinds of sleep disorders, and many people do not know that they have a sleep disorder, and may go undiagnosed for many years. People mostly associate sleep disorders with insomnia, stress, or even narcolepsy, but there are so many other sleep orders out there that are affecting millions of people, every year.  Common sleep disorders include Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Insomnia, snoring, sleep deprivation syndromes, excessive daytime sleepiness, bruxism, and other sleep movement disorders like restless leg syndrome (RLS).  Other sleep disorders include parasomnias, sleep paralysis, narcolepsy, REM disorders, nightmares.  Many people are unaware that they have a sleep problem, and about 80% of people with sleep disorders are undiagnosed.

Want More Information

Looking for more information about sleep disorders, check out these fact sheets AASM memberfrom AASM.


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